Products and Accessories

Products and Accessories

We at Ziv Tavor are advanced computer services, experts in building custom computer systems according to your business needs so you know you are paying for exactly what the business needs without unnecessary expenses. We maintain business relationships with the best companies and suppliers in the field which allows us to give good and favorable prices to our customers. If you are thinking of upgrading your computer systems in your business do not make a purchase before checking with us. We are sure you will be surprised by the quality and quality of service in the warranty.


Stationary computer systems Custom construction according to business need is like sewing a suit according to body measurements. There are those who emphasize the volume of storage and there are those who emphasize the video card and more powerful processor, each and his need. You can purchase a computer only or in a computer, screen, keyboard and mouse package. Stationary computers have a fault support warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty of the installed components.


The big advantage of a laptop other than that it is portable is in the purchase. Each model has its own specifications and no matter where you buy the specifications will always be the same. Here is more important than who you buy and what the need is for study, business, designers, graduates and more. We will study your need and find and adjust your laptop like a glove while meeting your budget. Our business relationships give us the ability to give special and convenient prices.


Selection of servers from the best manufacturers that support all common operating systems Windows servers and Linux servers, also in the field of servers you can adjust the server capabilities to the need and nature of its use such as backup or storage needs and more. Our business relationships If the leading companies in the field of servers we have the ability to make a deal on the best and most convenient terms.

Equipment & Accessories

A wide range of complementary equipment for computer systems. Hard disks and Disk On Key, cables and peripherals for computer environment, keyboards, speakers and multimedia, computer cases, headphones and microphones, wireless mice, batteries, wireless communication, cables and more.