About Us

Ziv Tavor Advanced Computing Services goes hand in hand with your business and places it at the forefront of technology and the most advanced computing systems. We specialize in providing solutions and solutions in all areas of technology, communication networks, servers and information systems, information security and computer systems. Our many years of experience in operating and maintaining computer systems and providing services with a high standard of good, reliable, professional and responsible service, as evidenced by our customers, most of whom have been in business contact with us for over 10 years.

Our work is the most enjoyable and satisfying there is, the operational quiet we produce for your business gives you the back wind in being focused on the development and growth of your business. All customers and businesses enjoy the same good and comprehensive service that meets every computing technological need regardless of the size of the business and the technological level required and adherence to the set budget framework, without additions and small print, the set budget is what you will pay.

We are the backbone and technological quiet that gives an advantage to your business talent.

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