Businesses invest a lot of financial and emotional resources in their business and their big concern is that lack of professionalism in the field of computing in their business will cause their investment to go down the drain. The personal and effective approach while providing an effective computing solution that proves itself. Reliability and honesty in working with sensitive information when the business owner knows that the information and data of his business is properly secured and his business is protected which is why our customers love working with us and have been in touch with us for years. So come see what they have to say about us.

“Ziv is an integral part of the success of our business. Ziv built and characterized our entire computer system in the company from end positions and operations to taking full responsibility for the server system and information security of the company and thus saved the company a lot of unnecessary resources and unnecessary financial expenses. “Faults that arise in day-to-day operations give us the operational peace we need to succeed. I highly recommend that businesses connect to Ziv because when Ziv is on your side you can be quiet and confident that the business’ computer and information systems are safe.”

Rachel Finch

Einat Food Industries

“Ziv, our computer man is an excellent service person. Both pleasant in his personality and also proves professionalism, shows a sense of service, giving a quick answer including remote problem solving when needed. Free time to deal with problems and full of patience.”

Hava Schatz

Preschool director, Einat.

“I am very satisfied with the service and the way in which” Ziv Tavor – Advanced Computing Solutions “supports my business. For every question and request, Ziv always has the patience to hear and listen and any problem that arises he always finds the most effective solution for me. Ziv handles all computing in my business and performs Ongoing maintenance for my servers, in my opinion Ziv has done above and beyond my expectations and I am sure that our business relationship will continue for many more years.”

Uzi Ayalon

Netoo- Internet solutions and digital marketing

“Reliability, professionalism, availability… Three words that describe Ziv and everything you need in continuous IT support. Three more words: recommend, recommend, recommend !!!”

Shai Zuri, CEO

Global Logistics (Israel) Ltd.

“Ziv Tavor is a first-rate computer technician.
Very professional and reliable, gives a quick solution to hardware and software problems with a personal and warm attitude. “

Yossi Kramer

Director of Communications GDS Yarkon

“Ziv is a person who is pleasant to work with. An honest and decent person. Reasonable prices. Service around the clock as much as you can expect.”

Etty Snir, CEO and owner,

Buki Snir Building Engineer and Architects