Our services

Our services

Stable computing services for your business is a very critical component for the success of the business so it is important that the service provider is professional and reliable. We at Tavor Computer Services offer a wide range of IT services for large businesses and small businesses and provide a solution for the effective management of information systems and in all types of computer systems, from work stations and the establishment and maintenance of servers.

Support and operation

For any business, it is important to have someone who provides a quick and professional response to any computer problem that interferes with the day-to-day work of the business. The backbone spirit and overall service we provide includes all of your business' computer systems, from setting up and supporting the proper operation of workstations, setting up and configuring the enterprise server system, connecting to a backup system, handling software issues in the business and remote control for quick solution to system operation problems.

Backup services

Nowadays more businesses know that protecting the data and business information in their business is critical to the operational quiet of their business. Our remote data backup service provides a solution for automatic daily backup, storage and encryption of business information, database backup, backup of email correspondence, information systems and any other business information.

Network management

A stable and successful business is a business that sits on a stable and properly maintained communications network. We know that the budget for managing the communication network in a business varies depending on the size of the business, a communication network for a small business is different from a communication network for a large business, so we know how to adapt the communication network to each business according to its needs.

Professional advice

Every business and especially a new business finds itself full of questions about which workstations I need, which communication network, which server will give me the best answer and there is much more. Our consulting service includes computer mapping of the business ranging from building workstation specifications, communication network settings, adjusting server structure and information security.

Data Security

Securing a business communication network is the most important thing in your business. An unsecured and properly maintained communications network puts your business in existential danger. The information security service and communication network that we provide is a service that includes a security strategy, operation and ongoing maintenance of firewall and VPN systems and maximization of the business' information security capabilities.

Service and repair lab

There is no greater nightmare than getting to work on a day and finding out that your computer is malfunctioning. Faults in the business' computer systems can cause the business a lot of losses. We provide desktop and laptop repair services, reliable service and warranty. The repair service is also available to businesses under a service contract and to private customers.

Purchase Systems, software and equipment

Old computer systems, which are out of date and do not keep pace with technological development, certainly result in an increase in the operating costs of computer systems and a slowness that impairs work capacity. Our business partnership with the world's largest and leading companies such as Symantec, IBM and Microsoft, we have the opportunity to offer the most advanced technologies and computer systems at affordable prices and the best service available.

Cloud solutions

Today and more than ever the management of the computerized technological resources of many cloud businesses has become the great asset of the business. Backing up important business information, account management, CRM systems, and logistics and email management have become more accessible than ever and all you need is an internet connection. Our service gives you all the solutions for running a business in the cloud and puts you at the forefront of technology.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can provide a solution in protecting your business or home and our service and improving the security of your employees. Our service includes support ranging from characterizing the business and determining the nature of the system and the quantity and type of cameras to the ongoing maintenance and operation of the system, back investigations and strict adherence to the confidentiality and privacy of those photographed.